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Mystery School of Living and Dying

Shifting fear into fascination

Andalucia, Spain
Led by Michelle Vesser and Casya Childers
November 1-4, 2024


For information:

Deep inquiry into your relationship with death leads to a clearer vision and increased reverence for your life.


The Mystery School of Living and Dying is a journey of self-discovery using practical and healing tools to explore our relationship with death.


Together we will create a safe and dynamic space to express, explore and share. Our time together is an opportunity to transform any fear or discomfort of death into an honoring of the sacredness of the great transition, life’s ending.


The philosophical, therapeutic and spiritual aspects of the program will be combined with a practical education regarding the death process. This includes advance directives, at-home palliative care, body preparation and best practices for supporting the self and others during these processes.


This training will give you the confidence, knowledge, and skills necessary to provide compassionate care for those at the end of life as well as their families. You will practice building capacity in order to bear witness and hold space for the wildness of death.



Final Passages Ongoing Trainings

For information:

Honoring Life’s Final Passage:

Level 1 -  Conscious Dying, Death Doula/Midwifery Care

Level 2 - Death Doula/Midwifery, Green Burial, Home Funeral Guidance 

Level 3 -
Becoming a Death Midwife/Doula,Home Funeral Guide and Educator

Monthly Free Education Series - Embracing End of Life 
3rd Thursday of the Month 


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