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End-of-Life Doula Services

This is general list of all the Doulas' offerings 
(See the "Meet Our Doulas" page to view each Doula's individual focus)

  • Pre-planning for end of life

    • Consider options and complete advance health care directives

    • Organize important documents

    • Provide references to other professional services

    • Encourage and facilitate end-of-life family discussions


  • Support the person who is at the end of life

    • Discuss your wishes to find completion and ease in your dying process

    • Support you in actualizing your wishes

    • Offer emotional support, companionship and calming or meditative practices

    • Sit with you during your final days or moments


  • Support loved ones

    • Explore and give practical information, options and suggestions for the care team

    • Add a grounding presence, active listening, and emotional support

    • Provide respite care so that the care team may take time for themselves

    • Share references for local services and professionals


  • Educate about the options of Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) and
    Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)

    • Discuss and connect you with resources for either option

    • Support you and loved ones during the MAID process

    • Support you and loved ones during the VSED process


  • Create life review

    • Help you reflect upon your life and document, in writing, video or otherwise, your story and what meaning your life has given to you


  • Create personal legacy

    • Consider something that you would like to leave behind that expresses who you are, what is important to you, lessons you have learned and perhaps what you would like others to know


  • After-death services

    • Provide education and guidance for Family Directed Home Funerals

      • Guidance with tending, bathing and blessing your loved one at home

      • Creating a sacred space for a home wake (usually 1-3 days)

    • Grief and organizational support for the family

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